Introduction to Belun Sleep Health Platform

Introduction to Belun Sleep Health Platform

Introduction to Belun Sleep Health Platform

Belun provides Sleep Test services through evidence-based Sleep Health PlatformOver 15,000+ sleep reports generated by our machine learning analysis from 160M+ data segments. 

FDA approved Belun Ring for sleep health monitoring

Doctors in our partner organization will advise their clients to use Belun Ring to collect overnight sleep data. Then the data will be uploaded through Belun Ring management software. Doctors can export the professional report in PDF format by the AI engine and review in portal. Not only doctors, other portal users such as nurses, dentists, caregivers and etc can view the report and manage the device in the portal. Then the professional report for sleep apnea, insomnia, stress level screening can be read from the portal.

Moreover, it is a comfortable measurement with a FDA approved, small, lightweight, cableless, and ergonomically designed ring. It is a cost-effective test that can be conducted at home for multiple-nights and no need to stay in hospital over night (ONLY one night). With the proprietary AI algorithm for sleep analysis, it is fast and accurate with high sensitivity (0.85) and specificity (0.87) of Belun Ring-AHI (bAHI)≥ 15 in predicting PSG-AHI≥ 15 as well as significant correlations with PSG in both total sleep time (TST) and AHI.

Online Purchase for individual and sampling

If you are individual user and would like to try Belun Ring and Belun Sleep Health Platform, pls feel free to visit our online shop for more information:

Partnering with Belun

Up to now, over 32 organizations partners including HK hospital authority hospitals, medial groups, clinic groups, dentists and elderly centres selected to use Belun Sleep health platform, Belun Ring and Sleep App and Belun remoVital monitoring system. Many doctors read our medical journal papers including: 1) “Belun Ring Platform: a novel home sleep apnea testing system for assessment of obstructive sleep apnea” ( and 2) “Detection of obstructive sleep apnea using Belun Sleep Platform wearable with neural network based algorithm and its combined use with STOP Bang questionnaire” ( If you would like to know more about how to adopt Belun’s solution in your organization or home use, pls feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting by filling the form below: