Remote physiologic monitoring – customer review

Remote physiologic monitoring – customer review

Remote physiologic monitoring – customer review

The award-winning Belun® remoVital is a real-time remote physiological monitoring system. It adopts AI and IoT technologies that can collect vital sign data by IoT medical sensors and the machine learning AI algorithm for data analysis. The Belun® remoVital has been piloted in Taiwan, US, and Singapore. In March 2022, Belun deployed the Belun® remoVital system on a massive scale in Hong Kong as one of the combat COVID-19  government measures. Many systems are still operating to safeguard the elderly and the weakest link in society. 

Belun remoVital, a vital sign monitoring system offering better protection to the elderly, winning in various ICT awards

Safeguarding the lives of elderly in Hong Kong via this vital sign monitoring system

This vital sign monitoring system has been deployed to 60+ residential care homes in Hong Kong and received much positive feedback. The device offers better client protection and greatly reduces the pressure on care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

See how our users think about the system :

It offers huge support in monitoring vital sign changes with patients wearing the ring; the system automates health monitoring continuously. In addition, our caretakers would be alerted when abnormal changes in vital signs trigger the alarm, and caretakers would provide immediate support.

Wan Wah Care & Attention Home for the Elderly
Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association

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How to do remote vital sign monitoring ?

It is the first IoT system in the World composed of a medical-grade wearable Belun® Ring, a body temperature sensor Belun® COR and a communication hub, empowering caretakers to monitor the client’s condition anytime, anywhere, remotely. Its alert system facilitates early detection of deteriorating clients, provides timely medical support and offers better protection and quality care.

Vital sign monitoring through tablets with an internet connection
Vital sign monitoring through tablets with an internet connection

Transmissions of the vital sign – how it work ?

Physicians can also triage the clients effectively based on the vital sign trend. The device is applicable for real-time or remote monitoring for hospital accident & emergency wards, early discharged patients, elderly care homes, rehabilitation centres & clinics. It’s designed with easy deployment, automatically connecting to the mobile network (NBIoT / CAT M1 / 4G) without pairing for Bluetooth or WiFi. The proprietary algorithm monitors vital signs, predicts abnormalities, and avoids artifacts to minimize false alarms. It also allows different pre-set thresholds for the needs of other client groups, fulfilling the role of a scaleable remote patient monitoring tool. It also supports API for exporting data to Clinical Management System. See more details here.

Partners using Belun® remoVital System 

Partnering with Belun :

Up to now, over a hundred organizations, including HK hospital authority hospitals, medical groups, clinic groups, dentists, and elderly centers selected to use the Belun Sleep SystemBelun® Ring and Sleep App, and Belun® remoVital monitoring system. Many doctors read our medical journal papers, including: 

1) “Belun® Ring Platform: a novel home sleep apnea testing system for assessment of obstructive sleep apnea” (,

2) “Detection of obstructive sleep apnea using Belun Sleep Platform wearable with neural network based algorithm and its combined use with STOP-Bang questionnaire” (,

3)Belun® Ring (Belun Sleep System BLS-100): Deep Learning-Facilitated Wearable Enables OSA Detection, Apnea Severity Categorization, and Sleep Stage Classification in Patients Suspected of OSA  (, 

4) Correlation of Pulse Rate Variability(PRV) and Heart Rate Variability(HRV) Metrics During Sleep in Subjects Suspected of OSA (Accepted in SLEEP conference 2023, Abstract ID: 954).

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